Our Responsibilities

The Gas Commission’s responsibilities include the following:

    PGW’s Capital and Operating Budgets

    The Commission must approve PGW’s annual Operating Budget and Five Year Financial Forecast, and makes recommendations to City Council on the sufficiency of PGW’s annual Capital Budget and related Five Year Forecast (which must be approved by City Council).

    PGW’s Financial and Business Transactions

    The Commission is responsible for the review and/or approval of various PGW financial and business transactions.

    For example, the Commission makes recommendations to City Council regarding PGW’s gas purchase contracts and shares responsibility with City Council for approval of non-standard industry gas purchase contracts, short-term debt, and real estate transactions (acquisitions, sales and leases).

    Key Personnel

    The Commission must approve PFMC’s appointment of PGW senior management (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer). The Commission also appoints three members of the Pension Committee which hears appeals of decisions and determinations of PGW’s Pension Plan Administrator.